The Laterite Stone

The abode of Mayiladumkunnu is sanctified by the penance of Maharishis for long durations. The very rock on which the Maharishis have done penance still exists, which was identified and declared by Babaji as the seat of Shiva & Shakthi.Babaji first sat on this very rock and meditated, declaring that this hillock with once again become the abode of Lord Muruga, akin to Palani. Babaji also declared that people from far and wide would visit this abode wearing ‘Maala' and carrying ‘Kavadi’.



The Sacred Tree

Just across the sacred laterite stone is the sacred tree - Saptaparni (Alstonia Scholars). When Sri Babaji visited the abode of Mayiladumkunnu, this very tree was barely alive!
As the devotees were watching Sri Babaji walked upto the Tree and embraced it! As Sri Babaji was embracing it, water started dripping from the tree. The devotees were delighted and expressed their joy of witnessing the tree coming back to life! Babaji then declared that this is a very sacred tree and will spring back to life with full green cover within a short span, and will provide solace to all those who visit the abode of Mayiladumkunnu.




Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba had predicted many years ago that a temple for Lord Muruga similar to the one in Palani would be established in Kozhikode. The divine resolve (Sankalpa) was to establish this temple atop the hillock at Mayiladumkunnu, in Kozhikode district of Kerala.The magnitude of this divine sankalpa is enormous, as it is in consonance with the divine incarnation of Babaji.

For the manifestation of the divine Sankalpa, Babaji chose the splendid location of Mayiladumkunu, a sacred hillock in Kozhikode city of Kerala. Significance lies in the name itself - ‘Mayil’ means ‘Peacock’ in Malayalam / Tamil, ‘Adum’ means ‘Play’, Kunnu’ or ‘Kundru’ means ‘Hillock’.
‘The place where peacocks play joyfully’. Aptly named by Babaji as ‘Sri Mayiladumkunnu Kshetra’, this is indeed the abode of Lord Muruga. As declared by Babaji, Mayiladumkunnu in earlier times, was in habited by Maharishis, who have done penance and invoked Shiva & Shakti, thereby sanctifying the abode.
Babaji had predicted many years ago that a hillock will be dedicated for Lord Muruga, wherein a temple akin to Palani Murugan temple would be established.

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