In conjunction with Babaji's vision, a temple dedicated to Sri Shammugha - Sri Subrahmanya was consecrated on the 29th January 2012. The temple houses a beautiful idol of Shanmugha seated on a peacock and accompanied on either side by his consorts,Sri Idaikadar Maharishi Valli and Devasena.An idol of Sri Vinayaka, elder brother of Sri Subrahmanya is consecrated onto the right side of the idol of Sri Shanmugha and onto the left side is the idol of Goddess Bhuvaneshwari.The temple architecture is very unique with a pyramidal dome structure, seated on a circular wall architecture. The pyramidal cone shaped roof is ornate with lotus petals that mimic a fully opened lotus representing multidimensional, exalted state of Wisdom, as Sri Subrahmanya is the embodiment of wisdom.When devotees circumambulate the temple, all the six sacred houses of Sri Subrahmanya are depicted with idols of six forms of Sri Muruga, viz., Palani Muruga, Tirutheni Muruga, Thiruchandur Muruga, Palamudhircholai Muruga, Thiruparukundram Muruga, Swami Malai Muruga. Each one of them having a distinct significance and rich history of Muruga after He set foot on this planet.It is said that Sri Muruga first set His holy feet at Kadiragama in Sri Lanka and then came to Palani in Tamilnadu, South of India.As for all the Murugan temples, even the temple in the ashram is located on an elevated place and devotees have to climb the staircase to visit the temple.

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