Babaji's Miracle in Palakkad


Mother saves her child with three holes in the heart, with devotion

 by Smt.Lakshmi(Thanka) wife of Sri Murugan

  Om Sharavanabhava

Divine Grace ‘echoed’!

A unique experience of a devotee of Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba was reported in Saraswathi Mantapam, Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad, Kerala, India on Tuesday the 29th March 2016 during Satsangi around mid-day.

Smt. Lakshmi(Thanka), wife of Sri Murugan (who is a daily wage worker in the nearby village, Alanallur,Mannarkad), shared her unbelievable experience of divine healing of her two-year old child, master Shivadas.

About few weeks ago, the Child’s mother noticed the child stopped eating any food and with was ailing with a bleeding nose.

The child was taken to many medical colleges at different towns, but without any clear diagnosis. Lastly, the Calicut Medical College disclosed the rare anomaly of three holes in the child's heart!!

Doctors immediately advised surgery to be conducted at Sri Chithra Hospital, Trivandrum.

Before the scheduled date of surgery, Smt. Lakshmi was forced by her well wishers to visit Om Sharavanabhava Matham, Sreekrishnapuram, to take darshan of Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba.

With undaunted will she reached the ashram at Sreekrishnapuram with her ailing child. But, alas! she was denied darshan. After this high drama, Sri Babaji’s mother and sister were brought to the scene by another relative, Smt. Usha Devi and together they succeeded in seeking Babaji's blessings for the ailing child.

After having heard about the agony Sri Babaji took the child on His lap, allowed his pranks, played with the child and let the mother take the child back home. Rest was assured.

Parents then took the child to the hospital, and after 15 days of observation and an 'echo test’ conducted on the child’s heart showed no holes! It was a normal, healthy heart!

Sri Chithra Hospital discharged the healthy child, silently flabbergasted by the miraculous development.

With her faith and undaunted will, the mother managed to seek the grace of Sadguru Sri Sharavanababa. She was even ready to sleep on the road, if necessary to wait for Babaji for the sake of her ailing child.

As shared by the devout mother of the child, in deep gratitude and reverence to beloved Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba.

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You need My blessing even for the smallest movement! Even a blade of grass cannot move without God’s will

You need My blessing even for the smallest movement!

Even a blade of grass cannot move without God’s will