Babaji's Darshan in London


Om Sharavana Bhava! Guruva Sharanam ! Om Sharavana Bhava!

I was searching for a true Guru and with the devine help I met Babaji on the 31 Dec 2009 at the Anjanyer temple in Colindale,London. It was one of the memorable day in my life. During darshan Babaji summarised my whole life just in few minutes and he said "I am here now". I was puzzled for a second, Babaji placed his hand on my head and said "do you remember me now?". It was absolutely amazing. First thing that came in to my mind was Om Muruga. I suddenly recollected my memory and remembered the conversation I had with Tiruchindur Mrugan.
When I went to Thiruchindur temple, I made a prayer to lord muruga ,"you are powerful and have done lots of miracles. As your devotees in london are suffering and they need your blessings, redemption and salvation. Please come to London, I shall be always at your service as my gratitude.

You could imagin how ecstatic I was feeling, I was hoping to get a Guru to guide me to obtain Leberation (Moksha) but I have realised that Thiruchindur Murugan has come as my Guru and fulfilled my wish, which is so precious. Babaji went on to say I am Lord Kanthan's child and belong to Thiruchindur temple and that is my home and I have to go back there one day. I felt that I have come to my sences and God has miraculously transformed my life. From this experience I have gained self-realization.

I wanted to thank Babaji, for his grace, I could achieve what I never imagined would be possible. Babaji increased my confidence with his guidence and encouragement which gave me courage to do 54 miles bike ride, London to Brighton. There were 27,000 people took part in this race which was was organised by British heart fountation, only with Babaji’s blessings I successfuly accomplished the difficult task.

Presence of Babaji is always felt. Last year when Babaji went back from his visit to London, I wanted to go to the Airport for the send off but I couldn't go as I had exam the next day.
In the morning about 4.00 am a ginger cat came up to my parents room and slapt on thrir bed. My parents were suprised to see a cat sleeping on the bed.
We were so happy to see the cat and the presence of Babaji was felt through the ginger cat. When Babji came back to London this year he said "did you know that I have visited your house".

Babaji is unique in many ways. My Grandmother is 94 years old and her forefathers worshiped Lord Murguan and she always chant the lords name "Om Murga".
Normally we do service and give donations and gift to guru but Babaji said for my Grandmother's devotion (bakthi ) he owes her and he want to pay back the debt that been accumulated.
Babaji gave my Grandmother a gold coin. I believed in when we make offering to Guru it reduces the accumulation of debts on our account with God and increases the ability to withstand the effects of destiny but it was a first time I have seen a God paying back the debt.

Guru has connected his pure heart to his devotees, it's inspiring and heart warming. Babaji pray for his devotees every day and night. When we undergo major surgical operations Babaji devotes his time for us and with his supreme powers he safes our lives.

Vibhuthi Miracle

To date I have received darshan frome Babaji for more than 55 times and this is the first time I have experienced the Vibhuthi miracle. I have received prasadam and Guru Bhavan's picture from Tirchendur temple and on the 14th August I kept this picture in the shrine. The vibhuthi miracle started from this picture and from the Lord Murugan's picture. Few days later vibhuthi appared from Babaji lotus feet, then from the Ram and Sita’s feet, then from Goddest Ambal's picture.

On the 25/9/11 Vibhuthi appeared from Babaji’s leaflet which I was given at the Babaji’s Birthday celebration day. As soon as I got home from Babaji's birthday celebration I kept the leaflet in the shrine safely. On that day Babaji gave darashan to over thousonds of devotees and Babaji didn't eat anything for long time, so I made prasadam and offered it to Babaji and I made a kind request to him to accept my prasadam. Next morning I saw viphuthi appeared from the right side of the Babaji's forehead on the leaflet. It was absolutely a magnificent to see such a miracle.

Through true devotion we can experience Babaji’s miracles.
Thank you Babaji for your endless blessings and miracles.

Om Sharavana Bhava! Guruva Sharanam ! Om Sharavana Bhava!

By Gavusala Subramaniam

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You need My blessing even for the smallest movement! Even a blade of grass cannot move without God’s will

You need My blessing even for the smallest movement!

Even a blade of grass cannot move without God’s will