Babaji's Miracle in Sri Lanka


We have heard that many miracles have taken place in India, Malaysia, Singapore and UK, and now Swamis’ miracle is taking place in Sri Lanka too. Koddaikallar is a beautiful island surrounded by water (the sea on the east side of the village and a lagoon to the west) situated in eastern province. This very serene and natural beauty is perhaps what attracted Babaji to this particular village.

On the 23rd of June 2011, when Babaji came to our house in Lincolnshire, a picture of Babaji was blessed by him on the request my mother for her sister (my aunt) who had recently become a widow with two young children. Seeing how upset she was, he said “Don’t worry I will be with them and take care of them” little did she know what was about to happen.

The miracle started on the 14th of August 2011, when my mother started her journey from London to Sri Lanka. After having got up from a brief nap she freshened up and closed her eyes and started saying “ Om Sharvana Baba ” 108 times as per her usual routine. Once she opened her eyes she saw the smiling face of Babaji on the small TV screens found on the rear of each seat. Doubting whether she was just imagining things, she blinked and rubbed her eyes but Babaji was still there for some time.

After arriving to our house in Koddaikallar, my mother placed the blessed picture in the pooja room and would regularly pray and light a lamp. On Thursday the 25th of August 2011 , Vipoothi started to come from Babaji’s picture. Vipoothi was continuously coming from the picture for just over two weeks and is still coming intermittently until the present day.

Hearing this phenomenon many people had started to come to see this miracle, although they knew little about Babaji all were mesmerised by what they saw. Many people requested a picture of Babaji, my mother distributed the few that she had taken with her. Hearing this we decided to arrange to pick up some more pictures to send to Sri Lanka, so that some prasadam and a picture could be given to each person who comes. On the 28th of August 2011, we had arranged to pick up some calendar sized images of Swami. We took these and got a dharshan, where they were blessed. During the dharshan he told my children “I travelled to Sri Lanka with your grandmother” and repeatedly asked us whether she was happy, which confirms that my mother had indeed seen Babaji on the flight screen and this was not a figment of her imagination .

It has now become a regular habit that many of the locals come to pray before babajis picture everyday and take blessings. It is also the first port of call when someone becomes unwell, where they come and take a bit of the vipoothi.

Currently, my Grandma, aunt and two cousins are living in the house. It is situated at the rear side of the Kannakai Amman Temple in Koddaikallar.
Om Sharabana Baba.

Photo 1 taken on 27th of Aug 2011.

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You need My blessing even for the smallest movement! Even a blade of grass cannot move without God’s will

You need My blessing even for the smallest movement!

Even a blade of grass cannot move without God’s will