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It was on June 9th Dad (my father-in-law)went for a Health check up as doctor told him to do Threadmill Test and cholesterol test.It was evening when dad came back.Till that time mom was alone at home.In the morning she performed pooja and kept one glass raw milk and two bananas as prasadam.In the evening one of our neighbour came to see the pooja room.When talking to mom she told that we are praying for many years in many temples for a child.Mom gave her swami’s vibhoodhi and one banana which was kept as prasadam in the pooja room .In the evening mom lit the lamp and she was sitting in the hall listening to sandhya namangal. It was 7pm when dad came back.My co-brother and their younger daughter came to drop dad. Their daughter ran to the pooja room and called mom to come and see what has happened there.Mom went and was surprised to see that vibhoodhi was poured on the shiva ling and the lamp(as if some one has performed abhishekam with vibhoodhi) and a flower was kept below it.Due to rains in kerala flowers were less,so there was no flower to keep on the shiva ling in the morning.Later she found a white flower was kept below the Mookambika Amma’s Photo and a little vibhoodhi was sprinkled in the center of the flower. And in the prasadam plate the 2nd banana which was there was peeled off and on the top portion mom found that the banana was smashed little and vibhoodhi was pierced into it. And a purple ixora flower(thecchi poovu)which is not in our house was kept in the prasadam plate with a little vibhoodhi. Mom gave that banana as prasadam to dad as in the thread mill test doctor told that dad has block in heart and his cholesterol level was 270 which was too high.Mom was shocked and surprised about what has happened when she was there at home.

On 10th June I went to Calicut and while coming back unknowingly I took all the vibhoodhi which was there on the photos and the theertam in which vibhoodhi was mixed.

On 12th June (Sunday) my sister-in-law , her husband and their two children came home(sai nivas). They went straightly to the pooja room and told mom its like something missing in the pooja room without vibhoodhi on the photos. Later they went out and sat in the sitout after few minutes the children went to the pooja room and called up everyone at home to see that all the photos in the pooja room were filled with vibhoodhi.

On 19th June sister & family came home in the evening.My co-brother,sister-in-law and dad went to dad’s village leaving the children at home with mom. They lit the lamp in the evening. All the three of them were standing in the pooja room and there was no place for a third person to stand there. After giving the Aarathi they found that a banana was peeled in the prasadam plate and vibhoodhi was pierced into it. Before lighting the lamp the banana’s which were kept were the same as it was kept in the morning. But after they gave the aarathi they found that one of the banana’s skin was peeled and vibhoodhi was pierced in it. Later Mom and children were sitting in the dining room and were talking about the miracles happening at home. Suddenly they heard a tick tick sound of switch(on & off).The children told mom Ammama some switch sound is coming from the first floor. within seconds they heard someone walking in the first floor (only 3 steps).All the three got scared .The children started shivering but mom who is the most timid one at home. She told the children that she will go and see who is there in the upstairs. Due to some wiring problem lights were not functioning in upstair rooms.Mom went up chanting”om sharavana Bhava”mantra and found no one there. The next day mom when she was reading swamiji’s vachanamrutham book. In that it is written that swamiji will jump and come in the places where he likes and will sit there forever. Mom realized this had happened yesterday evening.

On 9th July Everyone at home went out to see dad’s sister who is not feeling well. They went at 4pm and came back at 7.30pm.It was too late so mom didn’t lit the lamp. But the children went to the pooja room and found that there was some 10 crystal sugar candies kept in the prasadam plate in which milk and banana were kept in the morning. All were shocked how the sugar candies had come in the prasadam plate which mom had never kept. Crystal sugar candy packet was in the kitchen and the kitchen was closed when they went out. My Sis-in-law went to the toilet in the bedroom when the rest of them were in the living room. Suddenly she heard someone was knocking on the wooden cot with frequent intervals. She heard it for few minutes. Then she peeped through a gap of the door to see who is there in the bed room and found that no one was there. But the sound was been heard in frequent intervals. Later she opened the door to see who is there in the bed room and suddenly the sound vanished. After everyone went mom went and saw the sugar candy packet which was kept in the fridge and found that one side of the packet was open. This shows swami’s presence in Sai Nivas though swami is now in UK which is 1000’s of miles away from here. On 17th July at 4pm my sister-in-law and family came home. Before coming mom called up my sister-in-law and told her don’t come with empty hands. while coming do bring something(like flowers)for swami. For that sister told that she will make payasam and bring .When they came to home mom told sister to keep the payasam in the pooja room as prasadam. she went and kept it in the pooja room. while coming one of their family friends daughter also came with them. All of them went and sat in the balcony in the first floor. After ½ hr suddenly mom felt vibhoodhi smell was coming from the breeze. But she didn’t tell anyone. After sometime again she felt the same thing. Then she asked my sis-in-law whether she is feeling that smell of vibhoodhi. My Sis-in-law told that she felt the smell of agarbathi(incense sticks).Suddenly they realized it might be the smell coming from down stairs. All of them ran down to see what is happening in the pooja room. For there surprise they saw vibhoodhi was showered on the lamp in which oil and wicks were kept for lighting in the evening. The vibhoodhi was soaked in the oil in the lamp. The SaiBaba idols were all showered with vibhoodhi. In the prasadam plate milk and a small bunch of grapes was kept in the morning as prasadam. The girl who came with them told my sis-in-law,aunty u told that swami accepts the prasadam which u keep in the pooja plate. But why swami didn’t had your payasam. Mom lighted the lamp and they all went and sat in the living room. While going that girl told swami might have your prasadam if we move from the pooja room. Within few minutes they came back to the pooja room and were surprised to see that there was little vibhoodhi poured on the top of the payasam kept and on which a black grape was taken from the bunch of grapes and kept on the vibhoodhi in the payasam bowl.The girl who came with them was shocked to see what has happened within few minutes. She took the grape in the payasam and had it as prasadam. she was overflown with joy after seeing all these miracles happened in their presence.

One more thing what they noticed on all these days was the vibhoodhi which was kept in the container was vanishing little by little.And they saw big finger prints in the vibhoodhi which was kept in the container. On 9th June the vibhoodhi which was at the bottom of the container was showered on the shiv ling and an ixoraflower(thecchi poovu)was kept in the empty container.After that mom kept another container of vibhoodhi which was brought from shirdi long back and now big fingerprints are seen in that container. Mom filled that empty container with vibhoodhi and on 17th July they saw big finger prints in both the tins. One more miraculous thing is that the raw milk which is kept as prasadam is consumed by mom and dad in the night. For mom says we don’t know when swami comes and consumes it. So it is kept in the pooja room till night.Like a miracle mom says the quantity of the milk is seen decreasing in the glass at night from the past few days. And nothing happens to the raw milk though kept outside for so many hours. Mom says its really the miracle of baba.

All these incidents were happening only when my co-brother and their family comes to “Sai Nivas” because they have no belief in swamiji(but children are a great believers of swami) and mom’s wish was that swami has to show some miracle in my house and they all should come and feel it. Mom says swami has fulfilled her wish. Now whenever they come home, first they go to the pooja room pray there,have vibhoodhi and then only comes and sit in the hall. Swamiji always used to say mom in his darshan that “amma Anughrahikanne Ennu Prathikku”(i.e.Pray for blessings).Swamiji always says that when we are blessed then all our wishes will be fulfilled.So swamiji has blessed mom and fulfilled all her wishes.In his last darshan swamiji told mom whatever you wish it will be fulfilled by me. Mom is so happy that she is waiting to see swami soon and thank swami for fulfilling her wish and for his presence at home. These type of miracles we have heard and read in books that were happened in dwaparayuga and Threthayuga but now we are seeing in live the divine power of our baba in the kaliyuga.

Due to some problem in the camera we are not able to take photos and forward it to you all.

Grace be to the Lord.

In the seva of SharavanaBaba!

Sumesh& Family.

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You need My blessing even for the smallest movement! Even a blade of grass cannot move without God’s will

You need My blessing even for the smallest movement!

Even a blade of grass cannot move without God’s will