Babaji's message

Babaji's Thaipooyam Message 2016

Aum Sharavanabhava

Our life pursuits for progress, prosperity and peace begins with adoring our parents, obediently serving our teachers and praising the divine glories of the Almighty Jagadeeshwara. Our life becomes blissful when all actions have the stamp of sanctity and signature of divinity.

Priority should not be given to external beauty and decoration. First and foremost, what we should have is awareness of one's Self. The Subrahmanya tathvam teaches us this lesson. Each and every action which proceeds from our self-awareness becomes helpful to us and also to those who live around us and also to those who live with us. Then alone life becomes life in the real sense.

Our place of birth and field of activity and the very cosmos are deteriorating because of our own false, purposeless pursuits. By tredding the path of our great Rishis who have paved it with their Vedic visions, everything gets regenerated and infinitely recharged with divine energy: Akshaya. Each divine action which we have comprehended and understood through our divine samskaras do have deep inner meaning. This we should discern and recognize. The external actions are founded on inner truth. Hence we should strive to gain clarity in this regard.

We should hold onto the Truth, steadfast. Truth should (and will) manifest in action. In this manner Dharma wins. Dharma is our life. Live in pure and perfect action. Protect dharma which is the basis of life and the universe. Our birth is the prasad of Eshwara (the almighty) which is the base of Truth and Dharma. And that is Bhagavan Sri Subrahmanya. The essential nature and form of Sri Subrahmanya is potentially present within each one of us. It is that which led us up to this point.

Live always in that Remembrance.
Live always in that Name Divine.
Live always at that Lotus feet.
That Grace is enough to make everything auspicious in life.

Loving greetings to us all those who are rejoicing in the glorious festival of Thaipooyam across the globe.

With love,
Sathguru Sree Sharavana Baba.

Message from Babaji on Pongal and the beginning of the auspicious month of Makaram.

Aum Sharavanabhava

This auspicious time, in which we are provided with all the grandeur in surplus, that which is required in our life. May this life of ours be dedicated towards the wellbeing of this universe. Without feeling disinterested in anything, seeing everything as an offering to the almighty, let us pray for goodness to be bestowed on all.

Nature is energized by our prayers and sincere efforts. Everything comes good only if we put in our effort. Thus all auspiciousness and prosperity appears before us. With an open mind we must witness it, through our deeds we must hold onto it tight and always express it in our life.
In order to augment all the prosperity, let us all put in our solemn efforts.
Where ever we are, God is with us. All we need to do is to lead a mindful life of truth and righteousness. He will bless us. May our lives be of help to others.

With prayers, to all children,
Wishing happy Pongal to all,
Sathguru Sree Sharavana Baba.

Babaji’s New Year message 2016

Aum Sharavanabhava
Birth of a New Year....
Salutations to all the realms and the universe.
Salutations to the Father who is the reason for our awareness.
Salutations to the Mother who is reason for us to tread on the higher path.
Salutations to the Guru who leads us through the ideal path.
Salutations to the Almighty who bestows the grace required to lead a vital life.

We have a strong internal connection with every atom in this universe. The universe, the womb in which we are all placed, which leads us from old to the new (constant change). Due to this we can never say that we are alone in this universe. We are enriched with all the energy that is present in the bodies of our father and mother, from whom we obtained this body. When we turn inwards and perform worship to the divinity within, the inner light manifests. Then we truly realize everything, see everything..

Realizing what has to be realized, and worshipping with sincerity that which has to be realized, our life favors our resolve. When our life is in tune with our resolve, we get to realize that we have the Almighty's grace. It is not that His grace is absent, it cannot be created, it is only to be received/absorbed. We must not be dispassionate towards anything, our thoughts must be illumined such that we are able to see the divine effulgence within everything that exists. With cleansed words and actions we must transcend from the old to the new.

We always say, 'forget the past!', and we find this very difficult. But we must erase what is to be forgotten and highlight that which has to be remembered. Isn't this process an inseparable part of our life? We must forget the detrimental memories and cherish the truly blissful ones. Reject that which is detrimental and receive that which is beneficial (for life to proceed). Isn't this the reason why this New year has come in search of us? The basis of our life; peace of mind, physical wellbeing, victory in all walks of life, world peace, love and brotherhood, are all the same. May all be blessed with true knowledge and goodness. Welcome to all children across the globe, to this New Year.

With Love,
Sathguru Sri Sharavana Baba

Babaji’s Christmas message 2015

Aum Sharavanabhava

Salutations at the holy feet of the Almighty.

May this life be blessed, that which is meant to be spent understanding, worshipping and following; that light which shines within every atom in this universe. Observing our mother, father, ancestors, gurus as the Lord Himself, any actions that we perform; may it be towards the sustenance of righteousness. To lead such a life one may have to sacrifice a lot to overcome the various situations one is faced with.

We must offer, surrender ourselves completely', this was the great message that the Guru and God of our siblings from the Christian community, Lord Jesus had offered. He was a mahathma (great soul) who showed through his life how to uphold righteousness and how to lead a selfless life that is of welfare to the society. We are able to understand the great truth that, when we live and offer our lives for righteousness, there we go beyond death, we are immortalized.

We have deviated from Lord Jesus's life and are living in the shadow of time. We know how challenging the current times are. For a transformation in this scenario and resurrection of peaceful times, we must all work together. Realizing the truth that we are all children of the same mother, be steadfast in ones own culture and its associated practices. We must attempt to see our house as an abode of the Lord, give importance to group prayers, perform sincere worship and give importance to offerings and charity to the destitute.

May all our prayers be fulfilled, bestowing wellbeing to all beings in the universe.

With love,
Sathguru Sri Sharavana Baba
Bhakthi . Shakthi . Mukthi


Karthika vilakku message 2015

Aum Sharavanabhava

Today is a very auspicious day for Ambaal (the Divine Mother), she who works towards the sustenance and protection of righteousness (dharma) in the whole creation. She is the protector of all: that which exists in this world for dharma, for its sustenance, those who always have righteous thoughts, who have offered and set aside their lives for the sustenance of righteousness. Under Her protection, guidance, blessings; goodness comes to all. That is why, be it any endeavor, we need Her grace and protection.

Lord Shiva can make a resolve (sankalpa), but for them to be realized Shakthi has to support it. Without Shakthi nothing is possible. There may be many resolves/desires, for example: you made the resolve that you want to meet Babaji today, as a result of which you are present here now; this happens only with the grace of shakthi. The decision was made sitting elsewhere, it is the guidance of shakthi that brought you from there to here. If you did not have that shakthi, four people would have to carry you to bring you here.

If we are to go forward unhindered in our lives, we need the blessings from shakthi. Thoughts, words, deeds should aid us. The place, time, grandeur must favor us. Only when all six factors favor us, we will be able to rejoice in success and progress in life. For this to happen, it is essential to have the blessings of Shakthi. Thus nothing can be attained without the divine Mother's blessings.

Life is like an ocean that is in the arms of the divine Mother. She gives refuge to all and blesses all. She embraces the child closely with affection and then feeds the child from her bosom. We must try to learn from this aspect of the divine Mother and attempt to inculcate these qualities into our lives. We must also do our best to unite, help and support all beings. There is no point lingering on thoughts about the difficult times we may have been through. Even Lord Shiva dwelt in the forest. He didn't wish to have a palace. He wished to exist in that forest and serve all beings associated. Somebody had wished for Lord Shiva to live within a palace and offered it. But the Lord asked him to carry the palace back elsewhere; that He wished to dwell in the forest and shed light into beings there. That for dharma to flourish, the Lord has to dwell in the forest. Thus we must not give excess priority to external comforts, but to righteous duties we are to perform. Imbibing all these we must immerse ourselves in contemplation of the inner light, rather than in the external illusions. It is that light which provides us with everything.

Even if we have all the grandeur in our lives, to be able to experience them or benefit materially from them we need the guidance of the inner light. The effulgence of the light must reflect in our thoughts, words and actions. The presence of the divine mother is expressed through Motherhood. Motherhood is the mood that reflects compassion. It's is the mood of the ocean too.

The divine Mother cleanses all the dirt and maintains only that which is truly beautiful. That is the service provided by the ocean. That which is alive is sustained within; that which has expired is swept out. We must try to be like that. Express compassion wherever we are, whatever we do, thus attain true victory in life. Thus offer prayers sincerely, do service sincerely, live your life sincerely. There must be sincerity in everything we do, that is truth.

On this auspicious day of Karthika vilakku, we offer our prayers to the Mother; also to her son Lord Subrahmanya. The Mother has brought us up, awakening the chakras from Moolaadhara to Sahasrara, showing us why we came into this world, and inspiring us to tread on that divine path. It is Mother’s embrace that connected the six (referring to the birth of Lord Karthikeya), and thus providing the world with what was necessary for it. Understanding all this, the purpose of our lives, rejecting all that is unrighteous, protecting all that is righteous, that is what Lord Subrahmanya did. We must attempt to do the same. That is devotion. May all beings be blessed by Shakthi to attain ideal goals in life.

With prayers,
Sathguru Sri Sharavana Baba.

Deepavali message 2015

Aum Sharavanabhava

Salutations to the Mother, Father, Guru and Almighty, whose blessings have shed light in our lives enabling us to tread the path of righteousness.

Our lives must be like the lamp, in which we must hold on tight to our karma i.e., the light emitted by the lamp. Seeing this universe as the embodiment of
the supreme truth, we must aim to merge our being in dharma. For all this divine realization we need the Almighty's blessings. We can overcome all obstacles only if we have His grace. Our thoughts, words and deeds must always tread through paths that help us attain these merits. This is when our life truly becomes fulfilled. "Follow the path of truth, perform action to your best, thus sustain dharma", this is the extract from the Vedas prescribed for the Kaliyuga.

We must always remember that the divinity that we serve performing selfless service is that which shines within us. We must thus be strong and confident. We must realize the truth that all the offerings and services we provide the world, the wonderful experiences we gain by hurting none and aiding all; are all actually our path to liberation.

Worship the light.
The light itself is the prasad.
Our life itself is the prasad.
We must see this extremely sanctified life of ours as the Almighty itself.
Deepavali is the festival were we all worship That light, which illumines within all beings of this cosmos.
May Goddess Lakshmi's blessings be bestowed on all children around the world on this auspicious day.

With prayers,
Sathguru Sri Sharavana Baba
Bhakthi . Shakthi . Mukthi

Aum Sharavanabhava

Navarathri message 2015

Gurur Brahmaa Gurur Vishnu Gurur Devo Maheshwarah Guru Saakshaata Parabrahma Tasmai Shri Guruve Namah
Namah Shivaya Shanthaaya Shudhaaya Nirmalaaya Prasannaya Sri Dakshinamoorthayae Namah

Aum Sharavanabhava.
Aum Gum Gurubhyo Namah.
Aum Gam Ganapathayae Namah.
Aum Sam Saraswathyai Namah.
Aum Dhum Durgayai Namah.
Aum Sri Mahalakshmyai Namah.

Infinite prostrations at the Holy feet of the Divine mother. That which is the substratum of our health, knowledge and our true Self.

The sincere worship that we perform is the foundation required to make humble attempts to illuminate the divinity dormant within us. This aids us to overcome the dirt that drags us down in our lives, the illusions that misguide us externally and internally. It bestows us with the energy required to cleanse, rejuvenate and activate our senses.

When we experience the inner divinity and worship with an attitude of complete surrender, that is when true happiness is bestowed. This is why it is said that our life should in itself be a sadhana (spiritual practice). And our sadhana should become our life.

Adopting ideal actions, the deeds we perform in our lives should take us through the ideal path. We must remember and understand that our actions are indeed a reflection of the almighty. With this realization we perform our actions with utmost sincerity. The experiences that we receive by following this attitude, that is God, the bestower of prosperity.

When we live depending on this universe, we must be able to synchronize with it's rhythm, it's gentleness, tune and tempo. Only then will there be purity in each and every thought, word and action of ours. Live with sanctity, attain the inner light and offer the merits received from it. May all our lives be enriched with such values.

Showering blessings to all children around the globe, with prayers and love...

Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba.
Bhakthi . Shakthi . Mukthi
Aum Sharavanabhava

Babaji's Navarathri Message Oct 2015

Aum Sharavanabhava
Hearty welcome to all the blessed souls assembled here. Genuine attempts from the devotees, the grace of the Gods and blessing from our ancestors aided this pooja (ritual) to be successful.

All external poojas are for attaining mental peace. Everybody is in the pursuit of mental peace. Mind is the basis of physical health. Lack of mental health will be reflected on the face. Performance level of all our physical activities diminishes with lack of mental peace. Inner peace cannot be bought from the supermarket. Only spiritual sadhana can help us attain this.

Mental peace is like the coconut pulp. To get it, first we have to climb up the coconut tree, where the coconut exists. Sadhana is the process of climbing up the tree with a firm grip. If the grip is loosened, we will fall down immediately to ground, from where we started. Sadhana is the process of getting shakti. To do sadhana, we need to inculcate the right internal and external environment. In this ashram, the right atmosphere to do sadhana is provided here.

Wealth and health are not the only factors for mental peace. We have to maintain good relationships within the family and outside as well. Family relationships have to be loving and sacred. Family is a decision from God and always learn to respect it.
We should be the embodiment of compassion. Then God will shower His infinite compassion on us and take care of us.

May the intense sadhana performed here in the next ten days aid in leading our lives in the right direction. Wake up early. All beings in the world wake up at sunrise. During day time we must be active performing the designated duties. In the evening, be very calm, controlled and peaceful. This is the right time for chants and prayers. Following this, you are bound to get a sleep at night.

Transcend the external and invoke the internal.These days of penance are for this noble goal.

Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba.

Babaji’s divine message on the event of 36th Jayanthi Celebrations, Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad, Kerala, India.

Aum Sharavanabhava

"Namah Shivaya Shanthaaya Shudhaaya Nirmalaaya Prasannaya Sri Dakshinamoorthayae Namah"

Let us offer infinite prostrations at the holy feet of our Mother, Father, Guru and God; for it is they who are the reason for our birth, the life we are leading and victory in every step. With their blessings may we be able to understand the divine effulgence that shines within us, which is otherwise beyond our conception, and thus be able to worship that divinity in appropriate ways.

May the blessings bestowed on us by treading this path confer happiness to us and all living beings associated to us. Because, all of us have descended for one purpose- 'To uphold Dharma’.
Inorder to perform this duty we must have inner clarity, a higher way of thinking, have a vision about the ideal path. Precisely, why our ancestors said, " Live with enlightened souls, listen to Satsangs and perform good deeds". This is what leads our lives to completion. All that is necessary for us to sustain our lives comes to us with divine grace. Thus always give a place to our Mother, Father, Guru, God, truth, charity, selfless service because it is they that lead us to where we are. Then and only then can this life become complete.

We take birth through our Parents,
We live through our Guru,
We attain all necessities through the Almighty.
Treading on the higher path of charity that leads to liberation, we attain pure bliss.

May everything become auspicious,
Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba
Bhakthi . Sakthi . Mukthi

Sree Krishnajayanthi Message 2015

We are all blessed with the Lord's divine grace. We are all beings in the universe who shine bright like the sun. That is why we are all worthy to associate with such divine sources.

Don't we see Love as the basis of everything? We must all become pots from which love is overflowing. We were all born in 'Mathura' that is 'Love', lived in 'Dwaraka' that is our 'Heart'. Finally we reach 'Vrindavan' that is 'Bliss'. Isn't our lives the same as Mathura, Dwaraka and Vrindavan?

If we lead our lives with love for everyone, isn't a place ensured for us in the hearts of all who wish to be loved?

When we live with goodness in our hearts and when many such hearts come together, that place is called Vrindavan. Thus our life is fulfilled with the Lords infinite compassion. With unshakable faith, worship with total surrender and selfless service, we can become one with divine.

With this prayer, on the day the Lord whom we love more than our own eyes, descended onto this world. May all His children be showered with infinite love.

Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba
Bhakti . Shakthi . Mukthi


Onam Message 2015

Stand united and sore high,
Remain calm and the best in you shall shine,
Have hatred towards none,
Our words should rejuvenate the wilted,
Our actions should nourish growth,
Remember, all started from one and followed there after,
May all be able to stay united, neglect none and lead an ideal life.

An Onam that came galloping, that came flowing, that came rising, that which shines bright in all, Thiru Onam (auspicious onam). May this ThiruOnam bestowing all prosperity,be the Lords offering to us.

VISHU Message - 2015.

Om Sharavanabhava

Obeisance to all our ancestors, whose blessings are always with us. Obeisance to all our teachers (Gurus), who guided and shed light on the noble path for us. Obeisance to the Supreme, whose grace bestows success on us, at all events in life. Bowing at all their lotus feet... Welcome all on this auspicious VISHU morning.The Lord's blessings are always with us; to overcome all the evils in life; to lead a life truly human; to merge in the Supreme (and to tread on that path). We should be always aware of this. The Lord who blessed us with this life knows our necessities. Then why are we worried about anything and everything. All we need to do is to have an open mind to observe the Lord's divine play; to melt in divine love and pour out our hearts to Him; to mindfully serve His lotus feet. The divine light should illumine all our thoughts, our daily activities, our work ethics. Only then will Dharma, which is the foundation of existence and our society, prevail.The Lord is omniscient; the whole creation is His, He controls everything, thus surrender everything at His feet and lead a blissful life. The concept portrayed through the Vishukani is that: we arrange everything in front of the Lord; later we view all that is arranged, only after seeing Him; and then we receive the prasad (Vishukaineetam, Vishu delicacies, etc).May all beings in the world be blessed with illuminating experiences.

Welcome all to this auspicious day of Vishu.

Bhakthi Shakthi Mukthi
Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba

VISHU Prayer

Om Sharavanabhava

Obeisance to the Lord who awakens this being
Obeisance to the Lord who lifts this being to elevated realms.
Obeisance to the Lord who grants us strength to tame the wandering mind.
Obeisance to the Lord who leads this being to divine bliss by carrying him beyond the mind and body.
Obeisance to the Lord who is ever present before this being as father, mother and Guru.
May this being's thoughts be always immersed in the Lord, in the service of the Lord .
On this auspicious day of Vishu, with the Sun God as witness, this being arranges this Vishukani and other Vishu offerings. May this bring peace and prosperity to all beings in the world.

Bhakthi Shakthi Mukthi

Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba

Babaji's New Year Message 2015

Dharma for Life
Satyam Shivam Sundaram
We have taken birth in this Supreme Power.
We praise this Supreme Power that is responsible for our birth.
Worship the Truth. Because, Truth alone wins.
Long live Righteousness!
We should be aware that we are all a part of Shiva’s grace, We should worship everything that is from Lord Shiva, and with the divine experiences, rejoice the journey of life and win over every situation.
With beautiful feelings, and the respect for that which is responsibe for those beautiful feelings ,our life should always be filled with spiritual get-togethers, good deeds and service to humanity.
For all the living beings in this universe and beyond, we praise, respect, and wish each and everyone for this special day welcoming the new year, with love.

 "Bhakthi . Shakthi . Mukthi"

  - Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba


Karpoora Yagam on the eve of Navarathri Celebrations

"Sree Mahalakshmiye Sharannam"
"Ullakathil Sathiyam Jayikkavendum"
"Ullakathil Dharmam Vazhavendum"
"Ullame Ullakam Ullakame Ullam"
"Ullam Agni Ullakam Agni Sarvam Agni"
Sachidhanandham Agni......
"Bhakthi Sakthi Mukthi"
Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba

Gurupoornima Meassage

We should live righteously assimilating the meaning of Truth.This world which gave us life,make us live and supply all the materials for the sustenance of life here has to be always revered.
The sources of light have to be sustained.Our duty is to enlighten  those areas where others are suffering due to absence of light.All the beings depending on light for sustanance pay their obeisance to it .Isn't it a truth that without this light in life,we also miss the grace of God? Our thoughts,karmas and  prayers should have the benevolence of this light .It purifies everything.
Let us prostrate at the feet of that Jagath Guru who make us understand the divinity of our parents and who,imparting the right knowledge and making the path of our karma smooth convince us that whatever we get through endeavours in this life are God's own gifts.

Prostrating at His feet who lead us to the true happiness in life and offering  blessings to all on this occasion of Gurupoornima

With love,

We are born in love
We live in devotion
We attain everything through Shakthi
We dissolutes in enlightenment
Thus succeeding in all our endeavours.

"Bhakthi  Shakthi Mukthi"
Om Sharavana Baba

Om Sharavanabhava Dharma Trust,

Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Auspicious Shivarathri Celebrations

The legend behind Shivarathri

Owing to a curse from Sage Durvasa, Devas became weak and powerless.  Lord Vishnu suggested Devas to churn The Ocean of Milk (Kshira Sagara) to release the elixir (Amrutham) to regain the strength and vitality and lead immortal life.  As the Devas and Asuras worked together to churn out the elixir, a fatal poison was released from the depth of the universe, which posed catastrophic threat to the entire universe, which resulted in Devas and Asuras abandoning their mission.  Lord Shiva, out of compassion to save the universe, consumed the whole poison.  Astonished by this selfless act, the entire beings of the universe including Devas, Asuras, and Human Beings stayed awake for the whole night fasting, expressing their gratitude to Lord Shiva.  Pleased with the unity and harmony, Lord Shiva announced this day to be the most auspicious day to worship him, revered and celebrated till date as Shivarathri.

 Message from Babaji

Babaji emphasizes to create awareness about the true essence of Shivarathri.  Unfortunately, devotees have remained largely ignorant about the significance of the rituals followed during Shivarathri.  Most devotees engage in entertainment activities such as watching movies, dance programs, comedy shows just to keep themselves awake, which would not serve the true purpose.  Babaji being the guiding light of spiritually, enlightening devotees, requests everyone to follow the Shivarathri penance in the traditional ritualistic manner and reap the blessings of Lord Shiva. It is a good practice to fast the whole day and continuously chant, meditate and sing bhajans without giving any opportunity for the mind to deviate from the God thought!

 Shivarathri Penance

Dates:  The worship begins 6 days before Shivarathri and ends on the day of Shivarathri (February 21st to February 27th).

Dress Code:  Devotees must ideally wear only white clothes on all 7 days and must wear Panchamukha Rudraksha, which must not be removed until Shivarathri.

Code of Conduct:  Consumption of tobacco, alcohol, or non-vegetarian food must be avoided.  Devotees should abstain from physical pleasures during these days.

Orumudi Kettu:  Devotees should prepare a bag made out of yellow and saffron clothes.  Make seven cow dung rolls and dry it in the sun for seven days.  The bag should be filled with Tender Coconut, Coconut, Dried Coconut/copra, Beetle Leaves, Arecanut, Ten Rupee Coin, One Measure of Raw Rice, Incense Sticks, Camphor, Vibuthi Packet, Sandalwood Paste, Kumkum Powder, Turmeric Powder and the seven dried cow dung rolls.

Penance:  Wake up early at 5 a.m., take bath and light a lamp with 5 wicks and chant “Om Nama Shivaya” .  Encourage all the members in the family to chant together to help build up the vibrations in the home.  Keep the Orumudi Kettu with utmost devotion in front of the Shiva Lingam while praying.

 Shivarathri Day Program Itinerary at Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad, Kerala, India

Chant “Om Nama Shivaya” continuously for 24 hours starting from 5 a.m. on Shivarathri Day.

Maha Ganapthi Homam at 5 a.m.

Maha Rudra Parayanam

Shiva Saharsanama Archana

Special Poojas



Darshan of Babaji

Sahasra Deeparchana at dusk

Special Abhishekam with 12 sacred materials at midnight 12 a.m.

Opportunity to perform Abhishekham to the sacred Shiva Ligam by all devotees.

Prasadam distribution

For peace and harmony in the world, Babaji requests all to observe Shivarathri in its purity and in the prescribed manner.  May the blessings of Lord Shiva and Sadhguru Sharavana Baba be bestowed upon all.

Pradasam will be served at the venue.

Those interested to participate in seva, kindly contact the admin office at Sreekrishnapuram.


Visit of Babaji at Samadhi Mandir of Sri Bhimendranityananda Swamiji

Babaji visited the holly shrine of sri Bhimendranityananda Swamy at Ganeshpuri, Vajreswari near Mumbai. After the worship at the Samadhi Babaji said only one in thousand human being get the opportunity to meet, associate and visit the holly places where the great people were born and lived.
Those who got this blessing are the blessed ones.


December 31, 2013

I would like my New Year greetings this year to focus on the paramount importance of establishing and sustaining world peace. The entire human race must be welcomed to the world of peace, love, happiness, unity and prosperity. May everybody be blessed and may all humankind be blessed with holy and sacred experiences in the coming year! May everybody be blessed with new elevated experiences that will never end.

Rest assured that Truth will triumph and dharma or righteousness will prevail. All those created living beings who embrace the above principles symbolize the purest of creation. Every single thing in this world is created for a purpose and can be used by humankind. Our purity remains only when we accept pure things. But we must accept only the pure because our purity is our purest possession. We should always keep away from the impure. What we earn in our lives is what we can earn by practicing purity and honesty. We should never keep away from purity and righteousness.

You attain divinity when you contemplate purity, when you see purity, when you embrace purity, when you accept only pure creations and when you worship purity. We should always accept only those things that are pure and give away only those things that are pure to our fellowmen. When we realize that pure creations are actually gifts of God, we should accept them in the same spirit.

We have been blessed with human life. We create holy things with holy materials. All creations made with purity are doubly effulgent when they are in union with dharma. Dharma prevails when humankind is wedded to Truth in thought and action.  When our actions are strongly anchored upon Truth, then we create conditions that are conducive to the prevalence of dharma.

When dharma is practiced diligently in letter and in spirit, it is capable of overcoming all evils that militate against it. Fidelity to dharma invites the protection of dharma. This is why our beliefs should be firmly anchored upon dharma, our actions must reflect the practice of dharma and we must exert all efforts to safeguard truth and dharma.

We must pledge ourselves to practice and propagate in a concerted fashion, the sacred principles of Sanatana Dharma or the Eternal Religion and translate the dream of a world characterized by peace and non-violence into reality.

We should worship the gifts of God including Nature, and all should exhibit a readiness to pray in this spirit as we enter the New Year.

I wish that all of God’s creations live in harmony and secure the blessings of the Almighty. May we all join together with love, spread love, augment love and take a holy dip in the ocean of love!

Blessings to All

Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba



Skanda is a manifestation of Agni. Agni’s Dharma is to burn and purify. It removes all impurities and restores the original Purity. Lord Skanda’s Blessings lead to new creation and elevate us from a miserable existence to a truly blessed state!

Sarvam Saranam Skanda Saranam !
Satyam Saranam Dharmam Saranam !

Satyam Saranam Skanda Saranam !
Raksha Saranam Sarvam Saranam !

Skanda Saranam Sarvam Saranam !
Sarvam Saranam Skanda Saram !

Skanda Saranam Chinda Saranam !
Namam Saranam Skanda Saranam !

Skanda Saranam Karmam Saranam !
Karmam Saram Skanda Saranam !

Abhayam Saranam Skanda Saranam !
Varadam Saranam Skanda Saranam !

Aashrayam Saranam Skanda Saranam !
Sarvam Saranam Skanda Saranam !

Atma Raksha Saranam Skanda Saranam !
Deharaksha Saranam Skanda Saranam !

Karmaraksha Saranam Skanda Saranam !
Kudumbaraksha Saranam Skanda Saranam !

Sarvaraksha Saranam Skanda Saranam !
Raksha Raksha Saram Skanda Saranam !

Except Skandan No other Abhayam Skanda !
Sarvam Raksha , You Alone Skanda !

Sachidananda Swaroopam Skanda !
Your Holy Feet Saranam Skanda !




To see everything in our world as new and have adoration for the creation , we should have a stable mind. The resolutions arising from such a mind make our life beautiful and give meaning to it. This life will be a life of devotion. For the development of will power, devotion is essential. For example, the love and bhakti we have for the cow, leads to the strength we derive from it.

God is Omnipresent. We can see the Lord in all his creation. The knowledge we derive from austerities becomes the Guiding Lamp for our life. Those invaluable insights lead us to enriching experiences. When the strength of our penance increases, we don’t feel aversion to anything . The strength derived from austerities should never be misused.
Misuse of such powers leads to degeneration and downfall. We should surrender ourselves to the Almighty who gives us all blessings, and pray that He show us the way to good deeds.

We should firmly believe that everything is the Lord’s Creation. It is God’s Grace which leads us to all blessings. Where the thought that , “ Everything is mine, I am the controller and creator of everything and everyone should act according to my wishes” exists , there nothing auspicious can happen. Such thoughts lead us to troubles and calamities. In contrast when we surrender ourselves to the Lord and take His blessings, we achieve great heights and attain True Bliss.

With Prayers and Blessings for Everyone!
Satguru Sharavana Baba.

ஓம் சரவணபவா தீபாவளி நற்செய்தி

தீபம்--மனம், தீபம்--மந்திரம் ,தீபம்--கடமை /கர்மம் தீபம் மனதாகிறது, தீபம்--மந்திரமாகிறது தீபம்--கடமையாகிறது. மனதாகிய நெய் உருகும் போது, தீபமாகிய உயிர் வாழ்க்கை பிரகாசிக்கிறது,நம்முடைய வாழ்க்கை பிரகாசமாகின்றது.வழியில் வரும் இடைஞ்சல்களை தாண்ட வேண்டும். மனதைப் பலப்படுத்த வேண்டும். மந்திரங்கள்/நாமங்கள் சுத்தி செய்கின்றது. கடமையில் பொறுப்பு இருக்கவேண்டும் . நம்முடைய கடமையை செய்வதனால் கிடைக்கும் ஊதியத்தைக் கொண்டு நாம் நிம்மதியடைய வேண்டும்.அந்த நிம்மதி நம்மை மகிழ்ச்சியில் கொண்டு போய்விடும் .

மனதாகிய கடவுளை இளக்குகின்ற வழிபாடு உள்ள இடத்தில் அதை சமர்ப்பிக்க வேண்டும் .வேண்டுதலில் இருந்து கிடைக்கின்ற கடவுள் அருள் கொண்டு நம்முடைய மனதை மகிழ்ச்சியில் செலுத்த வேண்டும் .மனதை அனுபவ அறிவுகளில் செலுத்தி கிடைத்த இன்பத்தை அழிக்க கூடாது.மனதை அருள் கிடைக்கும் அனுபவங்களில் மட்டும் செலுத்தி இல்லை என்பதை தாண்டி இருப்பதும் கொண்டு நாம் ஒன்றாக வாழ்வதற்கு அறிந்து கொள்ள வேண்டும். அடுத்தவரின் கையில் இருப்பதை பார்த்துக் கொண்டு, நம் கையில் இருப்பதை மறந்து விடக்கூடாது நம் கையில் இருப்பதைக் கொண்டு அடுத்தவருக்கு உதவ வேண்டும் என்ற மனது எப்போதும் நமக்கு வேண்டும். அது தான் உண்மையான தீபம் .

இவ்வுலகில் உள்ள சகல சராசரங்களும் வேறு ஒன்றை சார்ந்து தான் வாழ்கின்றது. அதனால் நம்மை நம்புபவர்களுக்கு நாம் நம்பிக்கை பாத்திரமாக வேண்டும். வழியறியாது அலைபவர்களுக்கு நாம் விளக்காக வேண்டும்.தான தர்மங்களில் நாம் வள்ளல்கள் ஆக வேண்டும் துக்கத்திலும் பசியிலும் வாடுபவர்களுக்கு நாம் எப்போதும் உறுதுணையாக வேண்டும்.எல்லாம் ஒரு ஒளி / சோதியில் இருந்து உருவாகிறது.அப்படி பல சோதிகளாயிருந்து பல சோதிகளாக மாறினாலும் ,அவை ஒரு சோதி தான் என்று அறிந்தால் போதும். அங்கு எது அதிகமாக வேண்டுமோ அது இல்லாமையால் இருக்கின்ற துக்கங்கள் எல்லாம் மாறி எப்போதும் துக்கங்கள்/ நோய்கள் வராமல் சுகம் கொடுத்து , நம்மை அருள் செய்து கொண்டிருக்கின்ற கடவுள் அடைகின்றார் . எல்லாம் தீபங்கள் தான். எல்லாம் தீபங்கள் தான் எல்லாம் தீபங்கள் ஆக வேண்டும். எல்லாம் தீபமாக காணவேண்டும். ஒரு போதும் அணையாத தீபங்களாக நாம் எல்லாம் வாழவேண்டும்.அணைந்து போகும் தீபங்களை அணையாதிருக்க நாம் காவலாக இருக்க வேண்டும் . தூங்குகின்றவங்கள் எல்லாம் விழிக்கட்டும்,அணைவரையும் விழிக்க வைக்கும் தீபம் அணைவரிலும் தெரியட்டும் என்கின்ற வேண்டுதலோடு தீபாவளி அனைத்து உலக மக்களுக்கும் கடமையின் வழியைக் காட்டுகின்ற தீபமாக மாறட்டும்.

சற்குரு ஶ்ரீ சரவணபாபா

Deepavali Message

Deepam is our Mind ! Deepam is Ourselves ! Deepam is our Karmas !

To overcome the various obstacles in our life, we need to build up strength of the soul. All our deeds should be filled with sincerety. Good actions lead to satisfaction which opens the doors to Bliss. This Bliss lights up the lamp of our Mind!

Our mind should be surrendered to the lotus feet of the Lord. The divine blessings which shower on us when we worship God, lead us to true joy. This divine joy drives our soul to a glorious life.

The heart filled with compassion, ever ready to help others is the true lamp. All living beings in this universe are inter-dependent. We should be a beacon of light and hope to all those who depend on us and a guiding lamp to those groping in the dark. This is the best way to serve God.

The lamps of our souls are born from the divine light of the Almighty. The realization that the same glorious light shines in all our souls leads to the end of all sorrow and showers our being with the transcendental nectar of God’s Grace.

May this light of Deepavali awaken everyone and illuminate the path of action for all children of God !

With all blessings!

October 3, 2013

The world is in desperate need
Of illumination!
This illumination is the need of the hour!
To bring this about
The mind should be opened
And surrendered
To a Higher Power.
Only then can the significance
Of that effulgence
Be understood.

From the mind
You should share it with others,
You must sing praise of that significance
Akin to Lord Hanuman
Singing praise of Lord Rama
In His heart!
We must grow in our hearts!
This is something only we can do!
Other centers will automatically open!
Then you will not experience
Any difference
(There will be no difference in dress, speech,
And thought)
In the inner significance
That exists in everybody!
First learn to see Shiva in you and others!
Pray that Shiva grows in that person!
Call upon Shiva to grow him
In Shiva consciousness!

Know that that person
Did not grow with faults!
His karmas brought him to where he is!
Pray for his salvation!

We cannot say when our minds
Will be disrupted,
But it is our duty to serve others
Who are disturbed!
Look at Shiva and call upon Him!
Develop Godliness in others
And grow that Shiva in people!

We need Shiva consciousness!
This will take time to gather root
But there is no reason to worry!
Lord Rama grew Shiva!
We should not say
This person is good!
This person is bad!
When negativity spreads
In certain times
Call upon Shiva!

When a man drinks milk,
His breath will whistle the fragrance of milk!
When a man drinks alcohol,
His breath will whistle the stink of alcohol!
In the same way,
We cannot say what will hit whom
When and why!
Your resolve should all the time
Be anchored in helping others
Overcome their barriers and pain!

Know that right and wrong
Are both Shiva!
Retain your focus on Shiva alone
And worship Him!
Then everything will turn auspicious!
Open your eyes then to this life
And show the illumination
And teach its significance to others!

To understand the cause of this significance
We offer our prostrations to the Divine Mother!
To understand the significance of this life
We offer our prostrations to the Divine Father!
To understand how to grow and live our lives
We offer our prostrations to the Guru!
And to understand how we experience Godliness
We offer our prostrations to God!

We must always serve the one
Who has conquered the inside!
And those who are living in the world
After conquering the inside!
Being with the world
For all those beings
Service to others is essential!

For such people
Who are forever involved in serving Lord Shiva,
There are no death anniversaries!
There are only birthdays!

Sadguru Sri Sharavana Baba



Om Saravanabhava

Babaji's Onam greetings to devotees!
Pray to the Lord of the universe to bless us all.
The basis of success in life is the ability to wake up from the slumber of ignorance.
Do not lament about the things that we don't have .
Everything exists because of the presence of ONE.
That ONE pervades the entire universe helping its existence .
If the ONE is invoked,everything needed flows into life in abundance.
This aspect supplies more positive energy into life, making life more meaningful and more fruitful.
This enhances the desire to lead a more successful life .

Desire for the essentials in life is a boon, while Desire for non-essentials is a bane.

The boon from the ONE removes the banes in life.
Sincere worship provides blessing from the ONE.
This acts as a shield for the devotee from evils.
Growth in fruitful deeds awaits those who are provided with this shield.
Growth in fruitful deeds enhances desire for meaningful life.

Sincere service is the basis of all blessings.
Blessings lead to bliss. Bliss advances into Sat-Chit-Ananda (True Everlasting Bliss)

Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba

Om Sharavanabhava

Aadi Amavasai atma shanthi kudukovudukkum Atma shanthi kadekivudukkum naam ellorum pitru lokathiku sevai tharpanam pannavendiya visheshamaana naalakum
Aadi maasathil eeshwara sevai seyvadukku Ella naalum romba visheshamaana naalugal.
Edellaam paapathodu irikindrumo, adella paapathiliridum velileh eduthu puniyathil vaalavekiya Kaalam.
Adanal yennaa paapangal irindalum anda paapangallella alithuvittu nammallelorum valkeyil seyam sevaiyil irundum, punyam sampaditchu indhabhoomiyil valvudukku nammakellam ennenna theve irikko adayella eeshwara Prasadam andu nenuthukondu adellam badramaaga veithukondu, yeppeppo yedu yedu theveyoh adellam alavaai eduthu anubhavikyuvendum.
Alavode irundal aanandam varum.
Alavillamal irundam amaeidhi poyividum.
Amaeidiya irukkum yedathil mattame ne thedam aanandam kadeikyum.
Aanandam irindaam mattame aishwaryam unnodum vaalum.
Ne theduvudai Aishwaryam yillava?? ...
Yellathukum aadharam yedoh adu ne unaravendum. Adellah vanangi ne vaalavendum. Adukkul irundu ne thedum Vetri kadeikyum.
Ne yedukkum muyerchigallil theduvudu Vetriyellava?
Adarku ne padi yerangi vandu Parvati Parameshwaranodai (matha, pitha) paadathai sevicchi guruvin solvaligal kaetu ne nalvaliyil vaalavendum. Aandavan ninnodai irundu unkadamaigal seivadukku otthuvolaipar.
Uyirin otthuvoliapu vodambukku theve yellava? Appodam ne theduvudellah unukku kai koodum yellava.

Yella sthalavum unvalkeyki unakku otthuvulaikyum
Yella kaalavum ne yedukuum muyerchigalukku unakku anugoolama irukkum.
Yella vaibhavangalum unnai aannandathil vaalavaipudukku unudan vaalum.

Om Sharavanabhava

Aadi maasa nalvalthukal anbudan
Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba

Om Sharavanabhava!
Sharanam Sharanam Om Sharavanabhava Sharanam!
Sharanam Sharanam Satgurunartha Sharanam!
Serving the feet of our parents
we earn spiritual merit,
we extinguish our sins by bringing ourselves under the gaze of our Guru,
Growing in Reality from the inside
we gain Shakthi and Wisdom.
Executing our duties and responsibilities,
we spread love and happiness to one and all.
We experience the prasadam of the Almighty in our lives.
In this life,
it is the infinite mercy and compassion of Lord Skanda
that enables all of us to secure
a long, healthy and happy life.

Sadguru Shri Sharavana Baba

Om Namah Sivaya! Shantaya! Shuddhaya! Nirmalaya! Prasannaya! Sri Dakshinamurthyaye Namah! O Dakshinamurthy! Embodiment of Shiva, embodiment of peace, pristineness and purity, softness and angelic, our prostrations to you! Guru Brahma! Guru Vishnu! Guru Maheswara! Guru Sakshat! Parabrahman! Tasmai sri Guruve Namah! The Guru is Brahma, Vishnu, Maheshwara! The Guru is the Witness! The Guru is Paramabrahmam himself; to such a Guru I offer my humble prostrations! Om Skandaya! Karthikeya! Parvati Priya Nanadananayach; Mahadeva! Kumaraya, Om Subramanya yathe Namah! O Skanda! Karthikeya! Darling of Parvathi and son of Mahadeva; I prostrate to you Lord Subrahmanya! Om Sharavanabhava! Om Sharavanabhava! Om Sharavanabhava! Satyam The whole world around us symbolizes Truth! All that obtains in the world i

You need My blessing even for the smallest movement! Even a blade of grass cannot move without God’s will

We have to worship Nature , the manifestation of the Mother Parvathi , and all animate and inanimate beings who represent the Omnipresent Shiva! Our life is meant for the service of others . We need to dedicate our life to the Lotus feet of Lord Shiva for guiding us to do selfless work which gives us happiness , peace and a Life full of self confidence, energy and willpower!

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You need My blessing even for the smallest movement! Even a blade of grass cannot move without God’s will

You need My blessing even for the smallest movement!

Even a blade of grass cannot move without God’s will