Babaji’s love and compassion is beyond boundaries. Various programs are organized on a regular basis to provide basic necessities for the needy, especially the elderly citizens and widows. Babaji conducts mass programs for distribution of rice grains, clothes, umbrella, cows and basic aids for destitutes in the villages. Elderly citizens are especially cared for with utmost respect and compassion. Babaji provides sewing machines to destitute women each year, which enables them to work and generate income for their families.

Babaji emphasizes donating clothing to the most underprivileged sections of the society. On every occasion, Babaji distributes clothes to the needy, especially the tribals, destitute and senior citizens, including blankets and towels. Babaji always makes it a point to donate clothes to the needy during the holy festivals; thus they receive not only clothing but also love and attention. In this way, the festival becomes a happy memory to the receiver and the giver!

Babaji has utmost compassion for physically challenged. Babaji’s mission is to enable the physical disabled to compete in the society without any limitations. Babaji constantly distributes mobility aids such as wheelchair and crutches for the physically challenged, who could not afford them. This initiative has empowered hundreds of handicaps, especially in tribal and rural areas.

Babaji has adopted many tribal areas to support the basic needs of these tribals, who do not have a means of livelihood. Tribal children are provided with clothing and education materials to enable them to pursue formal education. Babaji provides these tribals with essentials like, blankets, stoves, clothes, solar lamps, bed sheets, etc., to lead a comfortable life.

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