Prakruthi Seva


Babaji’s mission is to create awareness about the importance of our flora and fauna, with emphasis on nurturing and safeguarding them, leading to a balance in nature.  Babaji distributes free saplings on a regular basis and on auspicious occasions, which results in excellent participation and response from the devotees with Babaji setting the example for everyone to follow.  School children and youths are also enrolled into the program, empowering them to create a better future.  Ashrams and Centres in India continuously educate citizens on the importance of afforestation and protection of bio-diversity.  Varieties of saplings are planted in different locations and are monitored till they grow to a self-sustainable level.  Babaji says, “every being has its right to life and hence it is our duty to protect them, in their natural habitat.  We do not have the right to kill any being, as we cannot give life to any.”

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