Vidya Dhaanam


The concept of free education is central to Babaji’s mission. Om Sharavanbhava Matham’s mission includes free distribution of textbooks, notebooks, pencils, pens, umbrellas and similar items for school children who cannot afford them for their education. Every year thousands of school children are benefitted from this charitable activity of Babaji. Babaji conducts similar distribution in other centers, providing for children in rural and semi-urban schools.

Scholarships are given to meritorious students and are encouraged to pursue higher studies. Hundreds of children benefit from Babaji’s scholarship programs year after year.

Babaji has initiated a scheme whereby an individual or a family can donate Rs. 10,000 per year to provide for the free education of one child. Many commitments, in this respect, have been received and this trend is likely to grow dramatically in the near future. Babaji urges everyone to actively participate in this project and provide for a child’s education.

Hundreds of children in the rural areas can get an opportunity to study and pursue their dreams, if each one of us can adopt one child and empower them to realize their dreams.

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