Growing Years


After dropping out from school, as a young boy, Babaji worked several jobs.  Food was scarce at home.  For small sums of money, he worked as a hotel errand boy.  Such was the hardship he endured in rural Kerala, that to earn only a small breakfast, he would carry sacks of meat on his head for a local butcher and walk miles to deliver it to restaurants.  In his teenage years, he regularly visited temples and prayed.  Nothing else interested him.  When necessary, he begged to survive and shared what he received with others.

Despite these hardships and poverty, many people recognized his divinity and sought his wise counsel.  Due to his loving nature and unexplained abilities, people also invited him to their homes to perform devotional ceremonies and prayers.  They sought his advice and blessings and when his followers grew Babaji went public with his mission and started holding public prayers and addressing large audiences in several towns and cities in India.


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