Anna Dhaanam


Anna Dhaanam is the most significant service performed by Shree Sharavana Baba Seva Foundation, wherein every person who visits the ashrams are being fed sumptuous, nutritious food.

Sri Babaji says “People say enough only to food after eating to a heart’s content. Every other desire of humans has no limit”. Hence, feeding the hungry is the best service one can perform in one’s lifetime.

To get redemption from our Karma (sins committed in the past), Sri Babaji says the only method is to serve soulfully and unconditionally.

During every event, irrespective of location be it in the ashrams or at public places or even in tribal areas, free food is served to every visitor to the event. Special food is cooked with prayers by volunteers, which is first offered to the divine with blessings from Sri Babaji and only then served to the people.

During the events of Vidhya Dhaanam, every student along with their parents are served sumptuous food, amounting to over a hundred thousand people served over 20 days, every year in May, across many rural, tribal areas in India and Srilanka.

Follow the ashram calendar to know the dates when these services would be performed to participate in person, and also volunteer in these services.

If you wish to perform Anna Dhaanam during special days in your life, be it your birthday, wedding anniversary, or your parents’ birthday, or to contribute for Anna Dhanaam on any occasion at the ashram/event, kindly click on this link to donate online now;


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