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Gone are the days when spirituality was commonly associated with mature populace.   With the constant modernization, today’s youth are more inclined towards spirituality rather than indulging in materialistic pleasures.  The youth of today are intelligent enough and do not succumb to selfish desires and greed.  While materialistic pleasures are only provisional, spiritual bliss is eternal.  Babaji believes that it is youth who drive the nation and it is imperative that youth be educated about the importance of spirituality.

Today’s youth are educated about the ethics of humanity and these are challenging times we live in.  We are facing a number of challenges from terrorism, havoc caused by abusing the elements, intolerance, sectarian violence and unrestricted greed.  According to Sri Sharavana Baba, the only way to restore harmony in the universe lies in the performance of selfless service (loka seva), sacred rituals and sacrifices (yagnams) and mass prayers, which need the assistance of youth who are the driving force of the future.

Babaji teachings are targeted at inculcating youth about the significance of spirituality and guiding them in the right direction towards humanity and unselfishness.  Babaji’s youth volunteers are engaged in creating awareness among the youth.

Today, a sizeable sum of Babaji’s devotees consists of youth and more and more young people are liberated spiritually every day.  It is Babaji’s request to youth to join Babaji in his constant endeavor at making this world a beautiful place.


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