Babaji was steadfast in his desire to provide love, relief and compassion to a world that was badly in need of succor and protection.  Overtime, a group of faithful devotees began to gather around him, and Babaji began to deliver spiritual discourses on a daily basis.

Unable to restrict his compassion to a domestic context, Babaji began to counsel devotees who gathered around him in increasing numbers.  The first Ashram was established in Kozhikode and was soon followed by the establishment of yet another spiritual retreat in the village of his birth at Srikrishnapuram in Pallakad.

From a few sheds ten years ago, Sadhguru Sharavana Baba’s mission has grown exponentially.  In addition to Kozhikode and Palakkad, various spiritual retreats have been established in Bangalore, Pollachi, Coonoor, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Palani, Coimbatore,Kanchipuram, Sharjah, London, and many more will be established in other parts of the world in the coming years.


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