Life Of Babaji


Babaji was born to humble parents on 11th October 1979 in the village of Sreekrishnapuram in Palakkad district of Kerala State in India.  Babaji was the eight child in a family of nine children.  Since birth itself the parents and siblings have seen miracles and realized the child is indeed divine.

Babaji's mother put him in to rest and went to complete the daily chores.  Upon returning home, she was surprised to see that snakes were playing with Babaji.  Snakes were licking His face and the child was joyful!  She got scared and chased the snakes away!  But the snakes started visiting their home and it became common!  This made the family realize that the child is very special.

The Life of a Master, an avatar is not easy.  The life itself is a sacrifice.  Babaji chose to serve humankind and sacrifice his life for the well-being of the society.  Since a young age, Babaji would beg for alms from home to home and then serve the poor, the needy with the alms collected.  He would never eat / enjoy any of the food He has collected!  His parents and siblings were very upset with this act, repeatedly punishing the lad.

Babaji then started working for daily wages to meet the expenses of the family.  Even Babaji's brothers would go to work to fend for the family.  Looking at the boy’s plight, his uncle decided to relocate him to Trichy and got him a job in a lodge as 'Waterboy.'  His job was to serve water to the guests.  Soon, he became a favourite of the Hotel guests.  The Lodge owner saw the sparkle in the boys eyes and decided to support him.  This is the beginning of Babaji's spiritual journey.

As a teenager, Babaji set up a small pooja room in one corner of the Hotel and began His Sadhana.  The lodge owner’s mother loved Babaji and offered immense help.  Babaji confided in her and explained the Truth - the purpose of his life and the journey thereafter.  She was instrumental in guiding Babaji in the right direction, showering her love for him.


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