Sri Kalyana Subramanya Temple


As Per Sri Babaji’s Sankalpa, the first temple for Sri Subrahmanya (Lord Murugan) was constructed at the ashram premises in Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad district on 29th January 2011. From the rear end of Saraswathi Mantapam, the staircase leads to the Sri Kalyana Subrahmanya Temple. There are 18 special steps adorned with brass plates, akin to Sri Shabarimalai Ayyappan Temple.

The presiding deity Sri Kalyana Subrahmanya is the replica of Sri Tiruparakundram Subramanya, which is Lord Subrahmanya being married to Sri Devasena by Sri Narada Maharishi, witnessed by Sri Aditya (Sun) and Sri Soma (Moon). A 3 Dimensional mural depicts the scene of the marriage behind the idols in the sanctum sanctorum.

The sanctum sanctorum houses Sri Shanmugha Subrahmanya (six-faced) mounted on a peacock, flanked on either side His consorts Sri Valli and Sri Devasena. An idol of Lord Ganapathi and Sri Bhuvaneshwari is consecrated in the same sanctum sanctorum to the right and left of Sri Subramanya idol, respectively.

This temple is very unique in architecture, as it is a cylindrical shape with a pyramid-shaped dome supported on a circular base. The 3-dimensional relief work on the dome emulates a thousand-petaled lotus. On the cylindrical wall, each temple of Lord Murugan is depicted starting with Tiruchendur, Palani, Swami Malai, Thiruthani, and Pazhamudhircholai.

It is very special to place your horoscope at the feet of Lord Subrahmanya in this temple on a full moon day and come back after 40 days to collect your horoscope. A lot of auspicious incidents will occur in your life after this Pooja.

If you wish to perform a Poojas at the Sri Kalyana Subrahmanya Temple on your birthday, wedding anniversary, your parent’s birthday, children’s birthday, on auspicious days, kindly click on this link to book the Pooja online.

Special instructions

Dress appropriately, especially in traditional Indian clothes.

Devotees are instructed to offer their respects starting with Sri Ganapathi Temple, to Sri Saraswathi and Akanda Jyothi inside the Saraswathi Mantapam, when head to Sri Kalyana Subramanya Temple, then to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and then climb down the stairs to enter the Saraswathi Mantapam and then exit to offer prayers are Sri Kaala Bhairava Temple.

Then visit the Guru Peedam and offer respects to Sri Dakshinamoorthy.

Then visit the Sri Naaga Kshethra and offer prayers at the temple.

Then go to the Anna Dhaana Mantpam and have Prasadam. Prasadam is served three times a day, viz., breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Make all your offerings into the Hundi.

While you visit, you can also book for Poojas at the counter, before you enter the temple.


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