Sri Maha Ganapathi Temple


The entrance of Sri Ganapathi Mantapam (Hall) at the ashram in Sreekrishnapuram, Palakkad district, houses the beautiful temple of Sri Maha Ganapathi, facing eastward looking towards the lush green paddy fields and plantain plantations. This temple is at the entrance of the Saraswathi Mantapam and Lakshmi Mantapam, enabling devotees to offer their respects to Sri Maha Ganapathi first before visiting other temples or attending to any service.

Devotees who enter the Mantapam first offer their obeisance to Sri Maha Ganapathi, and break coconuts in front of the altar with a prayer to fulfill their desires or to thank God for having fulfilled their desires.

A large Uruli (traditional Kerala vessel) is placed in front of the temple, enabling devotees to put their offerings into the vessel. People offer grains, fruits, vegetables, agro products, which is used to make Prasadam for God and then distributed to the devotees.

Sri Maha Ganapathi is the Kshethra Paalaka - the one who is the caretaker of the temple, devotees, and its premises. It is important to offer prayers to Sri Maha Ganapathi first, as Lord Ganapathi would clear all the obstacles and enables one to offer prayers without any hindrances.

If you wish to perform a Pooja at the Sri Maha Ganapathi Temple on your birthday, wedding anniversary, your parent’s birthday, children’s birthday, on auspicious days, kindly click on this link to book the Pooja online.

Special instructions

Dress appropriately, especially in traditional Indian clothes.

Devotees are instructed to offer their respects starting with Sri Ganapathi Temple, to Sri Saraswathi and Akanda Jyothi inside the Saraswathi Mantapam, when head to Sri Kalyana Subramanya Temple, then to Sri Shirdi Sai Baba Temple and then climb down the stairs to enter the Saraswathi Mantapam and then exit to offer prayers are Sri Kaala Bhairava Temple.

Then visit the Guru Peedam and offer respects to Sri Dakshinamoorthy.

Then visit the Sri Naaga Kshethra and offer prayers at the temple.

Then go to the Anna Dhaana Mantpam and have Prasadam. Prasadam is served three times a day, viz., breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

Make all your offerings into the Hundi.

While you visit, you can also book for Poojas at the counter, before you enter the temple.


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