Sri Saraswathi Mantapam


Sri Saraswathi Mantapam is located on the ground floor, exactly opposite to the temple entrance in the ashram at Sreekrishnapuram in Palakkad, Kerala, India.  The entrance to the Saraswathi Mantapam is adorned with the statues of Lord Vinayaka on the left and Lord Bhairava on the right side.  Devotees who enter the Mantapam pray to Lord Ganesha and break coconuts in the pan next to the idol.

Sri Saraswathi Mantapam is adornded with the different swaroopas of Goddess Saraswathi.  On each pillar a statue of a deity is installed, which is intricately designed, distinctly depicting the significance of each form.  The mantapam is ornately decorated with paintings of floral art on each of the beams and pillars.

At one end of The Saraswathi Mantapam the statue of Sri Dakshinamoorthy is installed and at exactly the opposite end a statue of Sri Subrahmanya is installed.  The Mantapam is designed with adequate ventilation and can easily accommodate about 500 people, equipped with a good sound and lighting system, ideal for conducting spiritual / musical events.  Babaji conducts satsanghs, homams and poojas on a regular basis in Sri Saraswathi Mantapam.

Symbolic of the name, 'The Saraswathi Mantapam' is designed to conduct events, enabling the local talent to showcase their art to the devotees who visit the ashram from all over the world.  Babaji's sankalpa is to create a wonderful hall, which will have the grace of Goddess Saraswathi, empowering artists to express their creativity, which will also impart knowledge and bring joy to the audience.

In the divine presence of Sadhguru Sri Sharavana Baba, Sri Saraswathi Mantapam was inaugurated by Sri Dakshniamoorthy - the doyen of Indian classical music on 2nd March 2013, a Master who was instrumental in training many musicians who are currently the leading artists in the classical music domain.


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