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Sri Sharavana Baba

Babaji was born to a humble family in the village of Sreekrishnapuram, Kerala.Swami Murali Krishna is the eighth child of Smt Lakshmi Ammal and the late Sri Krishnankutty Gupthan. Despite the definite signs of divinity (always absorbed in prayers ...


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Babaji Chanting after Arathi to Lord Shiva



Traditional drums being played during Deeparadhana



Vedic chants and prayers at Shiva temple




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Babaji’s message

Babaji's Thaipooyam Message 2016

Aum Sharavanabhava

Our life pursuits for progress, prosperity and peace begins with adoring our parents, obediently serving our teachers and praising the divine glories of the Almighty Jagadeeshwara. Our life becomes blissful when all actions have the stamp of sanctity and signature of divinity.

Priority should not be given to external beauty and decoration. First and foremost, what we should have is awareness of one's Self. The Subrahmanya tathvam teaches us this lesson. Each and every action which proceeds from our self-awareness becomes helpful to us and also to those who live around us and also to those who live with us. Then alone life becomes life in the real sense.

Our place of birth and field of activity and the very cosmos are deteriorating because of our own false, purposeless pursuits. By tredding the path of our great Rishis who have paved it with their Vedic visions, everything gets regenerated and infinitely recharged with divine energy: Akshaya. Each divine action which we have comprehended and understood through our divine samskaras do have deep inner meaning. This we should discern and recognize. The external actions are founded on inner truth. Hence we should strive to gain clarity in this regard.

We should hold onto the Truth, steadfast. Truth should (and will) manifest in action. In this manner Dharma wins. Dharma is our life. Live in pure and perfect action. Protect dharma which is the basis of life and the universe. Our birth is the prasad of Eshwara (the almighty) which is the base of Truth and Dharma. And that is Bhagavan Sri Subrahmanya. The essential nature and form of Sri Subrahmanya is potentially present within each one of us. It is that which led us up to this point.

Live always in that Remembrance.
Live always in that Name Divine.
Live always at that Lotus feet.
That Grace is enough to make everything auspicious in life.

Loving greetings to us all those who are rejoicing in the glorious festival of Thaipooyam across the globe.

With love,
Sathguru Sree Sharavana Baba.

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